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Silver Island Mountains Utah - Novermber 2006

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silver island moutains
floating mountain
It's Thanksgiving weekend and I'm looking to get away for a little while. Nothing too far away, but with some room to roam. The Silver Island Mountains fills the bill nicely.
After arriving, and driving around quite a bit, I find a suitable place to camp. The Silver Island mountains are a wilderness study area and although there is a maintained road around the perimeter, almost all of the roads that head into the mountains are marked as of f limits.
I take off for a quick hike to the ridge line before the sun sets. I get back about 20 minutes after sunset and proceed to set up my tripod to take some twilight shots.
As I set up my camera and take a couple of photos, a huge owl appears and swoops by very close to my head a few times.  It freaked me out enought that I  got inside my vehicle until it left.  When I resumed my picture taking the same thing happens again.  
 The next time there are two owls.  This sequence of owls swooping near me in the fading light had me retreating to my vehicle three more times.  I finally fiqured out that the timer on my camera emitted high pitched beeps which increased in  time intervals until the shutter opens.  The owls must have thought  that these were the death shriek of a rabbit or something.  Anyway, it was pretty cool.