Pequop Mountains - August 2006

Nevada is a place that seems endless if you are the exploring kind. The Pequop range in the northeastern part of the state is a fishhook shaped affair with a high point of just under 10,300 feet. We spent the first night at a ridge line in the lower parts of the range and we were already seeing ample signs of mining although we couldn't determine from the tailings exactly what was being mined. The hills were largely limestone with outcrops of yellowish rock that were of interest to the miners who constructed several concrete building to process their ore.

Traveling southwest the next day we crossed some railroad tracks and a basin in the middle of the “hook” part of the range to  reach Spruce Mountain, the highest peak in the Pequops. Then we ascended the four wheel drive road to Spruce Mountain passing several mining structures and abandoned mines. We stopped and found a great spot for camping on one of the side roads that are everywhere. The whole mountain is crisscrossed with roads.

A sage grouse wondered into our camp one morning.  I was able to walk up to within five feet of it by moving slowly to get these shots.  It's a wonder to me that these birds survive.